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Accountancy We take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on running and developing your business, based on the reports we provide.

  • Chronological registration of accounting articles based on primary documents;
  • Monthly trial balance elaboration;
  • Balance sheet elaboration;
  • Preparation and filing of charge and tax statements;
  • Verification and certification of the balance sheet;
  • Trial balance consolidation for corporate groups and their implementation in the balance sheet;
  • Accounting records restoration, on request;
  • Elaboration of the applicable accounting documentation necessary for company mergers;
  • Accounting consultancy on issues concerning the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards.

Benefits of working with us We bring economic, financial and managerial benefits.

  • The accounting company is experienced in coping with different issues applicable to each client and it can bring this experience at your service;
  • The accounting company is up to date with legislative updates on specific issues;
  • Clients are under contractual liability;
  • Using our service you can be represented in the relation with the financial and fiscal control bodies;
  • The costs of our services can be up to 50% less than the cost of accounting activities performed in-house;
  • The Company’s activity is supported by an accounting and management software solution, a complex program, which contains integrated modules of accounting, management, payroll, and fixed assets.

The trend of small and medium business is to outsource the services, which provides more time for developing their own activity and substantially reducing costs to achieve the business objectives.


Fiscal Advisory We’ll all aware of the speed and amplitude of the changes in Romanian Fiscal Legislation. Considering this, you need a team of pros by your side. We set you free from the nightmare of reading and understanding of all these laws and regulations and offer you smart advice on any fiscal issue.

  • Consultancy in VAT related issues, tax on profits or income, direct and indirect taxes, payroll taxes, social security, copyright issues, etc;
  • Consultancy on foreign exchange regulations, import – export operations, customs code, avoidance of double taxation, international transactions;
  • Tax alerts according to the company profile;
  • Reporting and fiscal reviews designed to identify and clarify the tax liabilities of companies including identification of any specific tax obligations (environmental, automotive, taxes and special authorizations, recycling, etc.) before they become a problem for the company;
  • Simulation of a tax audit to check if payment and calculating of fees and taxes has been carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations;
  • Identification of alternative tax strategies and legal solutions to the specifics of each company;
  • Assistance in disputes with tax authorities;
  • Legal solutions for repatriation of profits, tax solutions to maximize investments;
  • Specific problems related to the harmonization of EU laws.

Financial Audit We have 10 years of experience in financial auditing services, using Romanian and International Standards. Quality standards used are in accordance with International Standards of Audit. We are mostly proud of having loyal clients, which are even becoming our ambassador in front of their partners.

  • Financial audit of individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards);
  • Balance sheet auditing and certification;
  • Financial reports and transposition of financial statements from the Romanian system to an applicable system under other international financial reporting standards;
  • Internal audit and procedure solutions for implementing internal auditing for the purpose of optimizing the financial reporting and fraud risk reduction. Verification of accounting systems;
  • Accounting consultancy on issues that derive from the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Financial analysis and diagnosis, FAS (Financial Advisory Services) and studies of Due Diligence (financial investigation).

Payroll / Human Resources Beside calculation and registering of wage taxes, we also offer HR consultancy – individual employment contract, job description or Labor Law consultancy.

Preparation of documents:

  • Preparation of individual employment contracts;
  • Preparation of documents for amendment and termination of individual contracts of employment (additional documents, suspension / termination decisions);
  • Preparation of job descriptions;
  • Filling and submitting the General Register of Employees in electronic format – Revisal;
  • Preparation of seniority certificates, salary certificates and other certificates required by your employees;
  • Preparation of reports on employed personnel on client request;
  • Preparation and submission of tax files.

Labor law consulting:

  • Consultancy on the preparation and modification of individual labor contracts;
  • Consultancy for preparing the Interior Company Regulation;
  • Consultancy on preparing the job description;
  • Consultancy for the preparation and filling of the personal records of employees;
  • Consultancy on taxes and social contributions;
  • Consultancy on employee rights to other social services;
  • Consultancy on the application of the law in force.


  • Calculation of wage rights;
  • Verification of monthly timesheets;
  • Calculation of indemnities for temporary disability leave from work;
  • Calculation of allowance for days of vacation and leave not taken until the date of the employment contract termination;
  • Calculation of wage increases and other benefits, compensations, additional services in cash or in nature;
  • Preparation of payrolls;
  • Preparation of orders for the payment of wage-related contributions;
  • Preparation and submission of the sole statement, 112.

Financial-Banking Analysis With an experience of 20 years in financial sector, we are confident that we have a solution for any financing challenge. Even more, we structure your project in order to convince any financier to invest in your company. We stand by you in the term negotiation stage also, either it's about pricing, structure, guarantees or operational bank processes.

Actually we take over, the huge burden of filling all the necessary documents for the bank, presenting the company and the activity, the business plans and feasibility studies, up to structuring, along with your financial department, of the activity's budget and cash-flow.

Financial Banking Services We offer support in order to get the financing for your business, no matter how your company is organized, along with the tailored consultancy for accessing the necessary level for business development and continuity. Also we negotiate on your behalf prices for current loans.

Our Services:

  • Business financial analysis;
  • Preparation of the financial file according to bank’s requirments;
  • Identifying and offering of innovative financial products;
  • Bank operations cost analysis and renegotiation;
  • Opportunity to comply with more financiers according to business specificities;
  • Communication support in order to achieve a faster delivery of the loan;
  • Bank guaranties solutions.

Your benefits:

  • Find and get the most suitable and favorable offer in the market;
  • Negotiate the financial offer;
  • Support from consultants with real and practical experience in banking and financing;
  • Fast answer time.

Do you have a business idea and need financing? We develop together the business plan, the necessary start-up and development budget, we make cash-flow scenarios and the required financing for each stage, starting form investment to working capital.

Financing Solutions

Working capital

Credit lines, stock financing, factoring, payment instruments settlement.

Investment loans

Production equipment, transport vehicles, office buildings, working facilities, deposits.

Letters of guaranty

Tenders, good trust, down payment reimbursement, payment guaranty.


Cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and semi-trailers, construction equipment, production equipment, office buildings, production facilities, deposits.

Financial performance and balance restructuring

We analyze the financial performance indicators in correlation with economic activity and averages of the industry that you’re involved in. According to the results, we suggest instruments to settle the bank or commercial debt in order to minimize the pressure on cash-flow.

Accounting Software Our aim is to simplify your life, not to make it even more complicated. So we are not going to make you work only in a specific accounting program. On the contrary, we will learn to use your existing software and continue working is the same way. On the other hand, if you think you need to use a more advance software, we have a complete solution at your disposal.

The basic features of the Wcontab7 accounting software are reflected in an increased stability, high working speed and advanced security of applications.
  • Wcontab7 is a complex application that is closer to the characteristics of an ERP that can manage the main activities of a company. 

  • Wcontab7 is in full compliance with the current economic legislation, imposing economic performance of all operations and commercial transactions in their spirit. 

  • The application can meet both the needs of a company that can work in a local network, and those of a large production or distribution company that operates in multiple locations across several territories connected to the central server via the Internet.
  • Databases are built on Microsoft SQL Server, the version applied to the client server depending on its server parameters.

  • The application upgrade can be done automatically via the Internet.